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Country Club de Chapala
Chapala, Jalisco Mexico

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Social Events NOVEMBER, 2018

11/1/2018 Welcome Back Snowbirds Dinner only

Comida follows the Scramble at about 3:0 pm

Pit BBQ lamb, turkey and part of pig done in the Hawaiian style. The meal also includes Hawaiian salad, coleslaw, black beans, cranberry sauce, apple sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, and a roll.

Price meal only: 185 pesos

Entertainment provided by La Rondalla de Chapala from about 4 to 5 pm



Aurora Michel is a representative of the Actinver Bank. She will be at the Club House on November 2nd at 11 AM. She has a seminar on investment strategies before the new president takes office on December 1st.

She follows that with helping folks get their INAPAM cards. These cards are handy throughout Mexico as means of identification and obtaining discounts at airlines, buses, museums and hotels.

11/2/2018 Dinner at the Club!

Choice of melted shrimp ajilto served with rice medley and vegetable or veal bourguignon served with roast potatoes

Salad bar with either meal

Cost is 160 pesos

Two seating times: 5:30 seating for the night golfers and a 7 PM seating for those wanting to watch the night golf


11/5/2018Yoga: 8:30-9:30 am                    

11/6/2018 Dinner at the Club!

Super burrito topped with grilled cheese and chipotle sauce. Your choice of vegetarian, shrimp or chicken filling

Salad bar included

Cost is 100 pesos

Name that tune night


11/6/2018Mexican Train: 2 pm                    

11/7/2018Bridge Group: 1 pm                    

11/9/2018 Dinner at the Club!

Choice of shrimp molcajete or slow baked Chamorro (pork shank). Served with Mexican rice, pico de gallo, and tortillas

Cost is 160 pesos


11/12/2018Yoga: 8:30-9:30 am                    

11/13/2018 Dinner at the Club!

Meatloaf served with mashed potatoes and gravy, or filet of seabass with Vera Cruzana sauce and rice

Cost is 100 pesos

Bingo starts at 3:30 (separate cost)


11/13/2018Mexican Train: 2 pm                    

11/14/2018Bridge Group: 1 pm                    

11/16/2018 Steak Night at the Club!

Choice of Rib Eye, Chateau Briand or New York steak cooked to perfection

Cost is 185 pesos


Alternate meal is a grilled Portabella Mushroom covered with melted cheese

Cost is $160 pesos

Both meals come with salad bar, onion rings and French fries


11/16/2018Please register Rick Feldmann (rib eye - rare) and Sandy Feldmann (chateau briand - medium). Add us to Barry Rowell's table if room or otherwise by ourselves.                    

11/19/2018Yoga: 8:30-9:30 am                    

11/20/2018 Dinner at the Club!

Taco bar, chicken mole, pork pastor, chorizo, papas, rajas, beans, Mexican rice, mushrooms and nopales

Cost is 100 pesos


11/20/2018Mexican Train: 2 pm                    

11/21/2018Bridge Group: 1 pm                    

11/22/2018 American Thanksgiving at the Club!

Roast turkey, sweet mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie

Cost is 190 pesos


11/25/2018 Sunday Brunch at the Club!

The meals starts with fresh fruit cocktail, mini pancakes (chocolate and cranberries), Greek omelets stuffed with spinach, cottage, and tomato cherries, Chicken breast Florentine, roasted baby potatoes, glass of champagne

Cost is 200 pesos


11/25/2018Sunday bunch                    

11/26/2018Yoga: 8:30-9:30 am                    

11/27/2018 Dinner at the Club!

Sweet corn soup (pozolillo), shrimp fusilli ala vodka,


Veal Parmigiana served with mashed potatoes

Cost is 125 pesos


11/27/20182 for dinner both Veal Parmigiana                    

11/27/2018Mexican Train: 2 pm                    

11/28/2018Bridge Group: 1 pm                    

11/29/2018 Member/Guest Meal only

Coq au vin, mashed potatoes and a green salad

Service will be between 2 and 3 PM. If you canít golf in the Member Guest Tournament, come on down and have comida.

Price meal only: 125 pesos

A duet will be serenading the diners


11/30/2018 Western BBQ at the Club!

Ribs, Chorizo, Chicken, Scalloped potatoes, beans ranchero, salad bar, coleslaw.

For dessert berries with jelly

Cost is 160 pesos

Entertainment by Abbie Rivera


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